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Any transponder system comprises of:

  • The processor / interrogator
  • Microchip (transponder)

Both of these components are implanted within the head of the ignition car key. The processor normally interacts with the fuel injection and with a number of other vehicle electronic systems such as electric spark ignition.

If the transponder chip is broken or missing, the engine won’t start!

If you go to the dealer to replace your transponder keys, the dealer will have to do key programming for both the car transponder key and the immobilizer’s control unit to recognize the new key code. This will take a lot of your time and be quite expensive.

When you call AD San Diego Locksmith, we will send a trained and skilled cars locksmith to your location with all the required high-tech equipments to deal with the car key transponder and we will do this service for you at a more affordable service charge than the car dealer.

We specialize in cars locksmith services and we are certified and licensed to repair transponder keys, VAT keys, chip keys and assist you with all your ignition key and key programming needs.

Once you use AD San Diego Locksmith, you will join our long list of satisfied customers!