If you have lost your car keys, let us know your location along with your vehicle make and model. We will direct the nearest branch of AD San Diego Locksmith technicians to your location in 30 minutes or even less, rest assured.

Lost car keys are very frustrating and usually occur at the most inappropriate of times. You might be too far from home to get your spare key. Calling your dealer for replacement car keys can be time consuming. Not to mention getting duplicates from the used car dealer, if it’s even possible.

AD San Diego Locksmith can supply you with a duplicate key for your car. Whichever key you may need for your car can be made by our expert locksmith team with our fully equipped mobile workshop vans. Providing them with the VIN number and the manufacturer details can make the work a lot easy. No worries, we can still help you if you don’t have this information handy.

AD San Diego Locksmith can supply keys from different makes ranging from Volvo, BMW, Pontiac, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Nissan, Jeep, Chevrolet, GMCand more. Have a motorcycle? Our technicians can service a wide range of all motorcycle makes and models.

Our technicians are ready to take your call now!

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