Your home is where your heart is. So you need complete protection of the place you live and want to secure it from burglars and thieves. Locking system is one of the major security systems that you should be concentrating upon. With the advancement of technologies in recent years, highly computerised locks are now being installed in homes and mansions that will provide you with details of every minute in your personal monitor. Electronic locks are quite in these days. However there is still the demand for mechanical locks too.

If you are living in and around Solana Beach in California then you should look no further than AD Locksmiths for the best Solana Beach Locksmith. We at AD Locksmiths offer round the clock service for any kind of repair jobs and emergencies. Apart from that our team of experts are experienced in installing any kind of locks that come with latest technology. All you need to do is give us a call and fix up an appointment with our AD Locksmiths for installation.  For emergencies we send our technicians as soon as possible.

You can reach us at 858-405-3799 for any kind of emergencies or fixing up an appointment. Or you may also drop us an email at for your suggestion and installation of new locks. We also make duplicate keys for any kind of locks. So if you are worried about losing a set of your houses keys, there is no need to worry now. We will provide you with a set of duplicate keys as and when you require. With our young team of expert technicians we offer the best and most affordable service in town.

Contact us today, whenever, wherever with whatever you need, and see how we can help you!

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