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If you are living in and around Solana Beach in California then you should look no further than AD Locksmiths for the best Locksmiths. We at AD Locksmiths offer round the clock service for any kind of repair jobs and emergencies.

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Our Services

At AD Locksmiths you will be able to get technicians who will repair and install locks of your home and also make duplicate keys if required. As the best Solana Beach Residential Locksmith in town we offer a wide range of services at a very affordable price.

We at AD Locksmiths offer professional quality services for all types of commercial locksmith Solana Beach. Our team of expert Solana Beach commercial locksmiths are available round the clock for any kind of emergency repair or installations.

At AD Locksmiths we have technicians who are experienced car locksmith Solana Beach
and they can repair locks of any automobiles. We offer emergency services for locked cars.

Late night lock outs can be quite frustrating and especially when you are travelling in a car and the door lock gets jammed in snow. But there is always help at your hand when you have AD Locksmiths in your area

The best thing about our Solana Beach mobile locksmith is that they are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Since our mobile unit has been designed for emergencies mainly we make sure that the mobile unit reaches the spot on time every time.

When you are planning to get the best motorcycle locksmith Solana Beach then look no further than AD Locksmiths in Solana Beach. At AD Locksmiths we make sure that we are providing high quality services at affordable price.

  • “I lost my keys while playing golf with my friends. I don’t want to leave my car in that parking lot and I decided to call AD Locksmiths. I’m happy that I called them. Their service was fantastic. A helpful woman helped on the process and the technician arrived immediately. I must say that AD Locksmiths was the best company ever.”

  • Once hot summer day, I locked myself out of the car. I didn’t want to be stranded under the sun especially I was really far from my home. The technician from AD Locksmiths arrived for less than an hour and helped me. Thank you dudes.

    Taylor Traboolus
  • “I didn’t expect the quick response of AD Locksmiths 24/7 to help me. The technician was polite and make sure that I will be safe after duplicating my keys. Thanks for the best work!”

  • These guys truly are one in a million! Top of the line products and service!!! I will recommend them to all my friends and family. AD Locksmiths-THANK YOU for the new camera/door bell!!! I love it!!